Coming September 2013: A Life Outside 4

A Life Outside 4 -- Coming September 2013I thought that A Life Outside 4 would probably be the last book in this series.  I also thought it would take me until at least the spring of 2014 to finish it.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, the stories I was working with, and the list of stories yet to write, was more than enough for at least two books.  So there will be a fifth book in the series.

Meanwhile, I finished the final edits to A Life Outside 4 today.  Layout of the paperback book is all done.  The cover is done (as you can see–it’s a gorgeous shot of Temple Crag in the eastern Sierra, on the hike up to Palisades Glacier two summers ago).  Just a few more hours of work to get the paperback set up on, and the e-book formatted and set up on, the Barnes & Noble web site, and in iTunes.  But that will have to wait.  I have other plans for the next week or so…

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of the table of contents.  I’ve included links to early drafts of a few chapters (warning: may contain minor errors).  Included in this new book are two fabulous interviews I did with two spectacular climbers–John “Vermin” Sherman and Robs John Muir–back in the day.

[Update: Now available — Paperback | Kindle | NOOK | iPad]


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