Content Marketers: Your Biggest Problem is Probably Not Content Creation

As a marketer, 100% of the content you produce is underutilized.

I guarantee it.  Show me some content, and I can probably come up with something that you can do with it that you haven’t done yet and wasn’t planned.

And if I can’t identify another opportunity to leverage your content, there are bigger brains in this business than mine who can.

Your problem really isn’t a lack of content creation.  Sure, you could always use more content (not to mention better content).  But before you go out and hire 15 new content creation professionals, ask yourself this question:

Do I have the infrastructure, processes, workflows, mandate, skills, or even the will to pursue content assembly/aggregation and content dissemination?

It’s the key to content marketing, and you’re probably missing the boat.  It’s a huge lost opportunity.

I mean, come on.

You’ve already gone through the trouble of producing the content.

Why not get the most mileage you can out of it?


Imagine if you used five sheets out of every roll of toilet paper, and then you took the rest of the roll and threw it in the trash, only to immediately replace it with another brand new roll of toilet paper that you once again only used the first five sheets of.

You’d be going through toilet paper like shi…well, you know.

You’d constantly be yelling to your spouse, “Honey, we need to buy more toilet paper!”

No, sweetcakes, that’s not the problem.  You don’t need to buy more toilet paper…


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