A Major Upgrade

The new climbing wall in my garage isn’t so new any more…in fact it’s almost three years old now.  When I first built it, I scrimped a lot on the holds–the wall was just part of a complete garage remodel, with all new cabinets etc., so I bought some nice holds and filled in the rest of the wall with some not-so-nice holds.

It was time for an upgrade.  So I started looking online and bought quite a few nice holds on sale.  When my workbench was covered in new holds, it was finally time to get to work.

Before–with some of the “junk” holds removed, and the wall in the upright position:


After–100+ new holds in place, and the wall in the down position:


I’ve climbed on it 5 or 6 times now, and the new holds do make a world of difference.  It’s so much more fun now.  Of course, my preference is still to climb outside, on real rock, and I’ve recently managed to get out and boulder at Keller Peak and Joshua Tree.  But having this wall in the garage is great for those days when the weather is bad, or when I don’t have a lot of time and just need a “quick fix.”


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