A Window Towards the Heavens

In the blazing noonday sun last Friday, I spent about an hour scrambling up a steep bluff and hopping over large boulders, looking for one of the best kept secrets of the Eastern Sierra: the sacred petroglyph panel known as Sky Rock.

Created as long as 8,000 years ago by early ancestors of the Owens Valley Paiute tribe, what makes this petroglyph panel so special–other than the amazing assortment of coded messages and its spectacular location–is its orientation: the giant panel of mysterious glyphs faces upwards towards the sky.  Towards the heavens.

10702355943_7688a7a403_zWhen I finally found it, I climbed up the side of the boulder and then immediately removed my shoes.


I only spent a few minutes on top, walking carefully in my socked feet, not wanting to damage or desecrate this sacred place.

10702172094_ce5003a2e0_zSo what does it all mean, this huge, complex petroglyph panel that faces upwards towards the heavens?  We’ll probably never know.

10702358223_b0e5b7a493_zBut when you’re there, you feel a combination of awe and peace.  Like you’re at the center of…something…



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